a blueberry a day keeps the oncologist away

Okay, I’m exaggerating. But they are good for you, and incorporating blueberries into your diet may contribute to cancer prevention.

While research on cancer prevention and diet is ongoing, there is no doubt that blueberries contain plenty of dietary fiber, lots of antioxidants, and are high in vitamins C and K.

In my local market right now, I can only find blueberries imported from Chile, and they’re pretty pricey. I don’t have anything against Chilean blueberries, but I’d prefer to buy them locally, when the berries are in season. The good news is that we’ll soon be coming into blueberry season — the end of April around these parts — and it will be much easier to find local blueberries in the neighborhood grocery store.

Some easy ways to add blueberries into your diet? Toss a handful into your bowl of whole-grain cereal in the morning or into your container of yogurt. Add a bunch to a smoothie for breakfast or a mid-day snack. Sprinkle them into your pancake batter or right on top of the finished pancakes.

At my house, I set a bowl of washed blueberries between my children at dinner time, and we snack on the berries while we eat our meal. I freeze a big bag of the blueberries we pick at a local u-pick farm, and my kids eat them right out of the freezer, one frozen berry at a time.

Of course, if you feel like turning on your oven, here are three recipes making good use of blueberries:

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